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Building a New Energy Vehicle City - What Gives China Ningbo Confidence?

By 2025, the new energy vehicle production in Ningbo, China will exceed 700,000 units, accounting for over 50% of the city's total automobile production. The industry's scale will exceed 200 billion yuan, and more than 10 new energy vehicle brands will be cultivated and formed. The goal is to basically build a new energy vehicle city with global competitiveness and national influence.

Ningbo's ambitions to build a new energy vehicle city are highly anticipated, as demonstrated during the mobilization and deployment meeting held on May 25th. Based on its industrial foundation, Ningbo aims to seize opportunities and accelerate breakthroughs in the new energy field, to create advantages and achieve the ambition of rebuilding Ningbo's automobile industry. The goal is to expand and strengthen the new energy automobile industry, and to comprehensively upgrade the automobile industry through the electrification of vehicles.

Located in Qianwan New District. The first "Future Factory" in the province

Auto-industry has become a key part of the trillion-level industrial cluster that Ningbo is focusing on building.

According to data, the city's 811 large-scale automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises completed a total industrial output value of 334.45 billion yuan last year, an increase of 15.8% compared to the previous year, accounting for 46.7% of the province's total automobile output value.

In April of this year, Jikei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. produced its 100,000th electric vehicle in Qianwan New District. From the first vehicle to the 100,000th, Jikei Intelligent Technology only took 548 days, setting a new record for new energy vehicle brands.

In the field of vehicle manufacturing, Geely Auto has built five vehicle manufacturing bases in Ningbo, including Qianwan's second manufacturing base, Jikei Factory, Chunxiao, Meishan, and Yuyao, as well as Chunxiao Geely 7DCT Factory and Hangzhou Bay Geely Powertrain two powertrain manufacturing bases. Its independent brands Boyue, Xingyue, Xingrui, Lynk & Co, and Jikei have formed a strong production force for complete vehicles in Ningbo.

Including Geely and Jikei, nine automobile manufacturers in Ningbo completed a total output of 708,000 vehicles last year, an increase of 2.3% compared to the previous year, accounting for 44.5% of the province and 2.6% of the country. Among them, the production of new energy vehicles was 132,000 units, an increase of 408% compared to the previous year, accounting for 22.4% of the province and 1.9% of the country.

"Ningbo not only has a good industrial foundation, but also has unique advantages in location and port facilities," said Wu Weiqiang, director of the Ningbo Academy of Social Sciences and Economics. Last year, Ningbo exported 93,000 new energy vehicles, an increase of 51.1% year-on-year, with an export value of 9.1 billion yuan, an increase of 2.4 times year-on-year. Located in the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo has unique advantages in building a new energy vehicle city, which is the trend and direction of the future.

Snow Dragon Group is gradually transforming towards the new energy sector

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the country's new energy vehicle production reached 7.003 million units last year, an increase of 90.5% compared to the previous year. Although the new energy vehicle production in Ningbo accounted for 22.4% of the total production in the province, its share in the country was only 1.9%.

Thanks to the outstanding performance of BYD's Xi'an factory, which achieved an annual output of 995,000 vehicles, the total production of new energy vehicles in Xi'an reached 1.0155 million units last year, an increase of 277.5% year-on-year. It successfully surpassed Shanghai with a 14.5% share of the national production, becoming the "first city" of new energy vehicles in China.

In November of last year, Lotus Energy, a subsidiary of Geely, announced its headquarters project settled in Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total investment of over 5 billion yuan and is expected to be completed and put into production by 2025.

Zhenyu Technology has partnered with top power lithium battery manufacturers such as CATL

Ningbo has long been planning to build a new energy vehicle city, and especially since November of last year, when the Municipal Political Consultative Conference held the first "Alaragang Business Has Something to Say" special policy consultation meeting with the theme of "building a new energy vehicle city". People from all walks of life in the city contributed their ideas and efforts, and a variety of plans, policies, and measures related to the new energy vehicle industry have emerged one after another, gradually opening the curtain for Ningbo to build a new energy vehicle city.

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