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Elon Musk unveils new black and white "X" logo to replace Twitter's blue bird logo

Elon Musk has unveiled a new black and white "X" logo to replace Twitter's famous blue bird logo. Musk acquired the social media platform last year for $44 billion and has undergone a major brand overhaul.

Musk replaced his own Twitter icon with a white X on a black background and posted a design photo projected onto Twitter's San Francisco headquarters on Monday, July 24.

The X began appearing at the top of Twitter's desktop version on Monday, but the blue bird still dominates on the mobile app.

Musk solicited logo ideas from fans and selected one, which he described as minimalist art deco and said was "definitely going to get improved."

"Soon we will say goodbye to Twitter's branding and gradually goodbye to all the birds," Musk wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Musk said the X.com domain name now redirects users to Twitter.com.

When asked what tweets would be called after the rebrand was complete, Musk said they would be referred to as "Xs."

Musk, who serves as CEO of Tesla, has long been fascinated with the letter X. The billionaire is also the CEO of rocket company SpaceX.

In 1999, he founded a startup called X.com, an online financial services company that is now known as PayPal.

He named his son with singer Grimes a combination of letters and symbols, "X."

Musk's acquisition of Twitter and brand overhaul is part of his "everything app" strategy, similar to China's WeChat, which combines video chat, messaging, streaming, and payment functions.

Linda Yaccarino, a longtime NBCUniversal executive, was nominated by Musk to be Twitter's CEO in May. She released the new logo and was involved in the implementation of the change. She wrote on Twitter that X would be "an infinite interactive future state--centered around audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking, creating a global marketplace for creativity, goods, services, and opportunity."

However, experts predict that the new name will leave much of Twitter's audience confused, as Musk's series of other changes have already frustrated users of the social media platform. Twitter also faces new competition from Threads, a new application from Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, which targets Twitter's users directly.

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