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Jingdong Auto national auto parts supply chain base project settled in Wuhan Economic development Zone

On March 11, the Jingdong Auto national auto parts supply chain base project was signed at the headquarters of Jingdong Group in Beijing, settled in China Car Valley, and Wuhan Economic Development Zone created a demonstration area for the development of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles to add "fresh force". This is another achievement of investment attraction in Wuhan Economic Development Zone since this year, following the project of Wuhan R & D Center of China Mobile iot and Wuhan Shanshan Outlet commercial complex project.

On the same day, Liu Ziqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and secretary of the Working Committee of Wuhan Economic Development District, witnessed the signing of the contract with Ma Jie, vice president of Jingdong Group, and Chen Haifeng, vice president of Jingdong Automobile and general manager of Jingdong Car Maintenance, and had in-depth exchanges on continuing to deepen cooperation and jointly promote the high-quality development of the automobile aftermarket.

Jingdong Automobile is a brand of the world's top 500 enterprises Jingdong Group, with a one-stop sales service system covering the whole life cycle of vehicles and omni-channel layout. Jingdong Auto's professional auto service chain brand Jingdong Car is committed to building an integrated online and offline service network, and has laid out more than 40,000 directly connected stores and more than 1,500 high-standard stores, covering more than 2,800 districts and counties across the country.

It is reported that Jingdong Automobile plans to layout auto parts supply chain base and Jingdong car chain stores in Wuhan economic development zone, plans to build Jingdong auto parts traceability system, build a national all-channel sales network platform and data adaptation center, build a nationwide safety auto parts supply chain warehouse distribution center, and cooperate with vehicle enterprises and parts enterprises in Wuhan economic development zone. Continuously enhance the toughness of the automobile supply chain industry chain and build a new ecology of the automobile industry.

Previously, Jingdong Auto has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Economic Development Zone vehicle enterprise Lantu Automobile to jointly launch the "Lanjing Plan", innovate and build a new online and offline new retail model, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in auto finance, insurance, major customer business and overseas business. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Lantu Automobile jointly carried out the "Spring Festival Gala pulling car" activity, and 100 lucky viewers obtained the right to use Lantu's new car.

Liu Ziqing said that the signing of the project is an important result of the "two-way rush" between Wuhan Economic Development Zone and Jingdong Automobile. At present, Wuhan Economic Development Zone focuses on the central goal of "China Car Valley" and strives to build a national demonstration zone for the development of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles. It is hoped that Jingdong Group will give better play to its advantages in brand, talent and market, create more business models and layout more business formats in Wuhan Economic Development Zone. The economic development Zone will give full play to the advantages of Wuhan Economic Development Zone in Hubei Free Trade Zone, and fully support the high-quality development of Jingdong Group and Jingdong Automobile.

Ma Jie said that Wuhan Economic Development Zone has a strong industrial foundation and obvious geographical advantages, and is a fertile land for investment and business development. Jingdong Group will take the construction of Jingdong Auto national auto parts supply chain base project as an opportunity to actively expand cooperation with Wuhan Economic Development Zone and achieve win-win development.

Chen Haifeng said that Jingdong Auto will give full play to its own advantages, and work with Wuhan Economic Development Zone and auto enterprises in the region to jointly build a high-quality automobile supply chain ecosystem, and contribute to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

Before signing the contract, Liu Ziqing and his delegation visited the Jingdong Infinity Pavilion located at the headquarters of Jingdong Group to understand the development history and business layout of Jingdong Group in detail.

Chen Pengcheng, general manager of Hubei Province of Jingdong Group, Lu Huo, head of government affairs of Jingdong Automobile, and relevant leaders of the district participated in the activity.

Declaration: This article comes from the Wuhan economic Development Zone.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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