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Sell Filing Products
Sell- Sell Filing Products (2020/4/13 14:09:19)
Jiujiang, China
Sunwood Holding Group was originally established in early 1990, and organized to be a group enterprise in 2003, its head...  
Min.Order: 0.00Pieces
custom PP box file
Sell- custom PP box file (2020/4/13 14:08:21)
Shenzhen, China
1)Item:PP box file 2)Size:225*315*30mm 3)Material:0.9mm transparent matte PP 4)Logo:2-c silk screen 5)when shipping...  
Min.Order: 500.00Pieces
cardboard box file
Sell- cardboard box file (2020/4/13 14:08:21)
Shenzhen, China
1)Item:cardboard box file /perfect ring binder 2)Size:286*315*90mm 3)Material:2.8mm(1800g)cardboard wrapped by 157...  
Min.Order: 1000.00Pieces
Sell A4 PP binder
Sell- Sell A4 PP binder (2020/4/13 14:07:05)
Item: P-7211 7" PP organizer with refill SIZE: 233*185*50mm  
metal lever arch box file
Sell- metal lever arch box file (2020/4/13 14:06:51)
Dongguan, China
Lever arch clip Description: item:LA50/LA75 size:50mm/75mm Material: metal Used for: file binding Color: nickel Packi...  
Min.Order: 100000.00Sets
Sell file folders, portfolio, conference bag,
Shenzhen, China
Model No:CSJ9WJ-01 1) Product dimensions: 10.5x13.6x1.5inch, all size is available. 2) Zipper portfolio with calcula...  
Sell Transparent Sorting Box
Sell- Sell Transparent Sorting Box (2020/4/3 12:09:07)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Package A1332 B5 12/48 A1333 A4 12/48 A1...  
Sell VAT Invoice Box
Sell- Sell VAT Invoice Box (2020/4/3 12:09:07)
Ningbo, China
No. Size Hold Package A316 250*151*36mm 35mm 24/96 Color: Blue/green/black/gray  
Sell Fixed File Box
Sell- Sell Fixed File Box (2020/4/3 12:09:07)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Hold Package S818 A4 318*238*37mm 35mm 18/72 S828 A4 318*238*58mm 56mm 18/72 S838 A4...  
Sell PVC Document Box
Sell- Sell PVC Document Box (2020/4/3 12:09:07)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Package D43010 A4 Small 12/48 D43011 A4 Big 12/48 D43012 A4 Big ...  
Sell Silver Color File Cabinet
Sell- Sell Silver Color File Cabinet (2020/4/3 8:42:27)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Hold Detail Package N1003Y A4 288*370*204mm 3-layer locking,ABS material 1/6 Color: ...  
KF4302L  file pocket
Sell- KF4302L file pocket (2020/4/3 8:42:27)
A4 file pocket with elastic tape and bead grain Thicknese:80c Pack:15/60 Box Size:71X40.7X54.8  
F4008G double-color bag
Sell- F4008G double-color bag (2020/4/3 8:42:27)
A5 bright double-color bag with button Thickness:70c Pack:16/128 Box Size:60.5X30X56.6  
F432 Transparent bag
Sell- F432 Transparent bag (2020/4/3 8:42:27)
A4 transparent bag with elastic tape and inclined grain Thickness:60c Pack:15/60 Box Size:69.2X39.2X53.5  
Sell Silver Document Racks
Sell- Sell Silver Document Racks (2020/4/3 8:42:27)
Ningbo, China
No. Spec Size Hold Detail Package N901Y A4 260*92*325mm 1-case 1/48 Color: Silver  
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