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paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case
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paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case

paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case

Published Date:2020/4/3 8:39:44
Deadlines:90 (Days)
Min. Order: 10000.00    

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wendy Ms. ()
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ZhejiangNingboNo. 98 West Binhai Road, Xidian, Ninghai,Ningbo , Zhejiang ,China
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Detailedly explains
Keywords: paper pencil box  cardboard pencil box  pencil case  

paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case

paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case
MOQ: 5000 pcs !
eco-friendly cardboard paper !
innovative & unique design !
recyclable & cheapfull !
paper pencil box,cardboard pencil box ,pencil case
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