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9 Hangar Taylorcraft 20cc ARF
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9 Hangar Taylorcraft 20cc ARF

9 Hangar Taylorcraft 20cc ARF

Published Date:2020/4/3 8:43:04
Deadlines:90 (Days)
Min. Order: 20.00    

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Sri Retno Ms. (SALES)
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JakartaDKI JakartaJln.Matraman No.34G Jakarta 10750
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9 Hangar Taylorcraft 20cc ARF

Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 20cc ARF

In Stock!
Hangar 9's Taylorcraft 20cc ARF is a gorgeous re-creation of a one-of-a-kind full-scale, clipped-wing T-Craft built by renowned aircraft restoration expert

Key Features:

- Lightweight, all-wood construction
- Authentic UltraCote? sunburst trim scheme
- Detailed cockpit with full-body pilot and working door
- Painted fiberglass cowl with louvered vents and air scoop
- Working spring-loaded landing gear
- Painted Pitts-style fiberglass wheel pants
- Prehinged control surfaces with control horns installed
- Motor mount for electric power included
- Carbon fiber steerable tail wheel assembly
- Two-piece, plug-in wing with clip-on wing struts
- All necessary hardware included


- Wingspan: 80.5 in (2045mm)
- Overall Length: 63.5 in (1615mm)
- Wing Area: 1152 sq in (74.5 sq dm)
- Flying Weight: 14–15.5 lb (6.4–7.1 kg)
- Engine Size: 1.00–1.60 2-stroke, 1.20–1.80 4-stroke, 20–26cc gas
- Motor Size: E-flite Power 110
- Radio: 4–6 channels
- Servos: 5 hi-torque, one standard
- Trim Scheme Colors: White (HANU870), Black (HANU874), True Red (HANU866), 2 Inch Red/White Checkers (HANU944)
- CG (center of gravity): 3.75 in (83mm) to 4 in (102mm) from leading edge at wing root
- Wing Loading: 28–31 oz/sq ft
- Prop Size: 16–18 in
- Spinner Size: 2.25 in (not included)
- Hardware Included: Yes, hinges and control horns installed
- Speed Control : Phoenix HV-85 ESC (CSEPHX85HV)
- Recommended Battery: 2 Thunder Power 4S 5000mAh Li-Po Battery Packs (THP50004SX)
- Flaps: No
- Retracts: No
- Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
- Experience Level: Intermediate
- Recommended Environment: Outdoor
- Assembly Time: 20+Hours
- Is Assembly Required: Yes

Price/Unit Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 20cc ARF : US $166.00
Minimum Order : 20 Units

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9 Hangar Taylorcraft 20cc ARF
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