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Tungsten carbide rings/earring/bracelets
Sell- Tungsten carbide rings/earring/bracelets(2018/10/11 16:19:06)
Fushan, China
We are Chinese manufacturer for Tungsten Carbide Bars/Rods, Buttons, Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Drawing Dies, Tips, Block... 
Sort: >Craftwork >> Jewelry
Min.Order: 0.00Pieces
Sell  all frame  accessories
Sell- Sell all frame accessories(2018/10/11 16:18:56)
To enable you to have a general idea of our products, we enclosed our catalog, pls check them. Should you have any ques... 
Handmade knife painting whole
Sell- Handmade knife painting whole(2018/10/11 16:18:44)
Xiamen, China
KF-(1) 1. 100% Handmade canvas painting, High Quality with Resonable Price 2. Short lead time 3. No minimal order and... 
Sort: >Craftwork >> Handicraft
Min.Order: 0.00Pieces
Sell crystal block
Sell- Sell crystal block(2018/10/11 16:12:37)
Taizhou, china
Different Shaped Crystal Block with Internal 3D Laser Image!!! European Quality in Chinese Price ! ! ! Special sha... 
Sell crystal key chain
Sell- Sell crystal key chain(2018/10/11 16:12:37)
Shanghai, china
we can offer different sizes. we can design to satisfy your request. we can design different carton pictures into the... 
Sell tungsten carbide bracelet
Sell- Sell tungsten carbide bracelet(2018/10/11 16:12:24)
Zhuzhou, China
HUNAN O.E.D TUNGSTEN CARBIDE JEWELRY was created in 1996, which was established in the hometown of hard metal of China -... 
Sort: >Craftwork >> Jewelry
Sell granite countertop
Sell- Sell granite countertop(2018/10/11 16:12:24)
Xiamen, china is a North American marketing division of Apexstone China as the leading manufacturer of Granite tile, c... 
Sort: >Craftwork >> Ceramic
Sell lighted  crystal key chain
Sell- Sell lighted crystal key chain(2018/10/11 15:58:34)
Shanghai, china
we can offer different sizes and pictures. it is looks very nive and welcomed . it can lighting in the night.and we ca... 
Sell crafts,handicrafts,gifts,festival gifts,wreaths
Shenyang, china
Our factory located at the North of China, Shen Yang City. We mainly produce many kinds of arts and crafts which are wi... 
Sell waterfall picture
Sell- Sell waterfall picture(2018/10/11 15:58:34)
Shenzhen, china
98x48CM or other specifications We are a leading waterfall picture manufactuerer in China with a market share of 2% in ... 
Well-pleasing magnetic coating
Sell- Well-pleasing magnetic coating(2018/10/11 15:58:15)
Puchong, Malaysia
water based magnetic paint is primer with magnetic properties that can transform any surface to one that could at... 
Min.Order: 500.00Pack/Packs
carpenter pencil
Sell- carpenter pencil(2018/9/20 11:38:36)
Yiwu, China
type:carpenter pencil material:basswood,poplar length:7inch,10inch,12inch,15inch shape:ellipse,flat square shape,octa... 
Sort: >Craftwork >> Handicraft
Min.Order: 50000.00Pieces
bamoo calendar
Sell- bamoo calendar(2018/9/20 11:38:13)
Xiamen, China
Bamboo Calendar is made of high quality bamboo with a long square sculpt. have all kinds of size what you like,It is com... 
Min.Order: 100.00Pieces
Sell imitation fruit,artificial crafts
Sell- Sell imitation fruit,artificial crafts(2018/9/20 11:38:13)
Shenyang, china
Stars arts & crafts company mainly produce many kinds of arts and crafts which are widely used for daily gifts, decorat... 
Acrylic wine  rack
Sell- Acrylic wine rack(2018/9/20 11:38:03)
Shenzhen, China
It made of clear top-grade acrylic and surface looks polish. Be used for display the wine the supermarket or other high ... 
Min.Order: 0.00Pieces
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