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Optical rhombohedral prism
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Optical rhombohedral prism

Optical rhombohedral prism

Published Date:2018/10/31 8:40:32
Deadlines:30 (Days)
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Lily Tsao Ms. (sales engineer)
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JilinChangchuanNo.128 Taibei Street,Kuancheng Area,Changchun130052
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Optical rhombohedral prism

Rhombic Prisms are used to display a beam laterally without changing it is direction. They maybe coated to transmit part of the beam and produce two parallel and displaced emerging beams. Can be coated to produce a polarizing beam separator. Dimension and coating may be available by customer orders.
Specification of our Rhombohedral prism as follow:
*Material BK7 Grade A optical glass
*Dimension Tolerance +/-0.2mm
*Beam Deviation Up to 30 arc seconds
*Angle Tolerance Up to 5 arc seconds
*Flatness Up to λ/4 @633nm
*Surface Quality 60/40 scratch and dig
*Chamfer 0.3mm+/-0.1mm
*Coating AR coating available
Optical rhombohedral prism
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