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China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM): Resolutely Opposing Trade Protectionism, Cooperation for the Future

On 4 October, the European Commission issued a notice announcing the launch of a countervailing investigation into Chinese electric vehicles. The European move will seriously disrupt the global automotive industry chain supply chain, to which we express regret and resolute opposition.

China and Europe's auto industry has a wide range of co-operation space and common interests, the two sides in-depth co-operation for more than 40 years, has long formed a "you have me, I have you" pattern. We respect our colleagues in the European automotive industry, pay tribute to their innovation in the automotive industry, and are willing to continue to strengthen cooperation and common development with our European colleagues in the field of electric vehicles. China's auto industry insists on taking the road of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, which is completely consistent with the development direction of the EU. The Chinese market is the largest overseas market for many EU car companies, and EU car companies have witnessed the growth of China's electric vehicle industry. It is a very clear fact that the Chinese electric vehicle market is a very competitive market, which is by no means protected by subsidies. The EU ignores this fact and insists on launching a countervailing investigation, which is an obvious protectionist behaviour that will definitely cast a shadow over the development of global electric vehicles, slow down the development process of the global electric vehicle industry including the EU, and adversely affect the global carbon neutral process.

The Chinese and European automotive industries are partners rather than rivals, and the development of the automotive industry depends on fair competition rather than protectionism. We will continue to strengthen our co-operation with the EU automotive industry, and consolidate and develop the Sino-EU automotive industry co-operation through more ways to bring better products and services to European and global consumers.

China-EU auto industry cooperation has a strong foundation and huge potential. China's automobile industry is willing to actively engage in dialogue and communication with the EU industry to solve mutual concerns and achieve common development through cooperation. It is hoped that the European side will create favourable conditions instead of setting up obstacles to support the joint efforts of the two industries to make the automotive sector a model of win-win cooperation between China and the EU.

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