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Tesla Cybertruck domestic tour opened, is expected to be listed in China in 2025

On January 28, Galaxy Motors learned from Tesla officials that Tesla Cybertruck will start its tour in the Chinese mainland from now on. Eight highly anticipated Cybertrucks were unveiled in Beijing Huamao Center, Shanghai Xingye Taigu Hui, Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi, Hangzhou Hubin in77, Nanjing Deji Plaza, Xi 'an SKP, Chengdu Taikuli, Chongqing Longhu Times Street.

Image credit: Tesla

It is reported that the national tour will last for several months, S3XY models will also travel to other cities with the off-road wagon to tour, so that more fans can feel the ultimate products in the whole field of Tesla.

A lot of black tech on board

"More practical than a truck, faster than a sports car" is the official positioning of Cybertruck.

The three-motor version of the Cybertruck can achieve a 100 km acceleration of 2.7 seconds, and the 100 km acceleration can beat another 911 while towing a 911. In addition, it has a towing capacity of nearly 5 tons (equivalent to the average weight of an African elephant) and a maximum load of 1,134 kilograms (equivalent to an adult bison).

More importantly, like the Tesla S3XY model, it has a very good interactive interface, comfortable seating space, and fast charging, while continuing the consistent pursuit of the S3XY model in terms of safety, performance, and design concept.

Image credit: Tesla

For example, in terms of vehicle safety, whether it is the high-strength stainless steel material of Cybertruck, or the martensitic steel, ultra-high-strength steel and boron steel of S3XY, they are the safest body materials for specific use scenarios. In terms of handling performance, Cybertruck achieved excellent handling performance through drive-by-wire steering, and the Model 3 was also crisp in terms of handling feedback, maintaining the stability of the body even through large rolling sections without excess rebound.

In addition, Cybertruck directly makes the skeleton of traditional cars into exoskeletons, and uses Tesla's self-developed high-strength Stainless Steel material HFS (Hardened Stainless Steel) instead of the thin steel on the outer layer and the middle layer of the body structure. High speed air is used to achieve non-contact bending, forming a layer of super-hard stainless steel exoskeleton, and using integral die casting technology to create a bearing body structure.

At the same time, the Cyber off-road wagon is the world's first production model with a 48V low-voltage architecture, revolutionizing the 12V architecture used by the industry for more than 70 years. This architecture greatly reduces the weight and space occupation of the wiring harness, and reduces the weight of the vehicle while improving the vehicle space, improving the battery life, reducing the number of charging times and charging costs. Shortly after the delivery of the Cybercross country wagon, Musk sent engineering documents to executives of major car companies "How to design a 48V low-voltage architecture car." As always with Tesla's open strategy, this time, Tesla is promoting a breakthrough shift in the passenger car industry from 12V low-voltage systems to 48V low-voltage systems.

Even more surprisingly, the Cyberroadster is the first production car ever to implement steering-by-wire, with dual motor "redundancy design" replacing physically connected steering structures for safer and smarter steering handling.

Franz von Holzhausen, head of design at Tesla, said: "The Cyberwagon can be like a Swiss Army knife, integrating all functions, and you can load accessories on the car to achieve rich functions. We want to make these accessories a unique experience for the owner of a Cybercross country wagon."

"Technology leadership" and "safe and reliable" have always been the key words of Tesla, and the launch of Cybertruck has proved Tesla's leading position in the electric vehicle industry. Cybertruck is equipped with almost all of the most powerful and advanced technology in the automotive industry today. Whether it's a techno-resistant body, a 48V low-voltage architecture, or steering by wire and rear-wheel steering, Cybertruck demonstrates Tesla's leading technology.

The rear-wheel-drive version is expected to go on sale in China in 2025

Since its release in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has been getting a lot of attention. This unique shape, powerful, excellent performance model, known as Tesla's "car of the future." After many hops, the Tesla Cybertruck finally began official deliveries in the United States in December 2023, but when it will be introduced to the country is uncertain.

According to the American website, the model has a rear-drive version, a full-drive version and a beast version of three versions, priced at $49,890 (about 356,000 yuan), $68,890 (about 491,500 yuan) and $96,390 (about 687,700 yuan).

According to the statistics of the three parties, after its debut in November 2019, the off-road wagon of the network gained 146,000 orders within 40 hours, and the tracking data of the industry shows that the current bookings of this pickup truck have been close to 2 million, including many orders from China. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that by 2025, the production of Tesla Cybertruck could reach about 250,000 vehicles per year. According to this production capacity estimate, if all 2 million orders are delivered, the Cybertruck order book has been lined up for eight years.

Image credit: Tesla

This time, Cybertruck's eight-city tour is the first overseas appearance after its delivery in the United States, and it is also an important layout for Tesla in the Chinese market. However, this tour is a static display, and it is not possible to enter the car and test drive.

Although Cybertruck has attracted great attention in the country, many consumers also have a question: Can Cybertruck be on the road in the country? After all, the shape and size of this model are very different from the domestic pickup truck, whether it meets the relevant domestic regulations and standards?

In response to this issue, Musk wrote on January 14 that it would be difficult for Cybertruck to legally hit the road in China, but it can transport some prototypes for everyone to demonstrate. This time, Cybertruck launched a national tour, its purpose is undoubtedly to "show muscles", for Tesla in the sale of models to do technology, brand and other continued endorsement.

However, from the official website of Tesla China, the Cyberbeast off-road wagon will have a Cyberbeast version, all-wheel drive version, and rear-wheel drive version, of which the Cybercross road wagon rear-wheel drive version is expected to be listed in China in 2025.

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