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China Ningbo International Auto Parts Fair Review: Listen to what exhibitors say!

The last fair was successfully concluded on 16-18 August 2023 at Ningbo International Conference & Exhibition Centre. The fair is highly valued by the industry, with 34,810 ㎡ of 6 exhibition halls where 1,182 exhibitors from all over the country displaying tens of thousands of automotive industry supply chain and aftermarket products.

The preparatory work for the 2024 Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair is progressing in an orderly manner. Under the new situation of global trade, everyone is more willing to participate in the exhibition to seek new cooperation opportunities, and the organisers of CAPAFAIR receive a large number of applications from enterprises every day. The organisers of CAPAFAIR receive a large number of exhibitors' applications every day. We are very concerned about the effect of the exhibition, so let's listen to what the previous exhibitors said.

Q: In the face of the new situation of the global market, what is the new layout of your company?


AIDO wiper: In the new situation, this year's market or market layout, we have been engaged in two-legged walk. Because we have been doing foreign trade for 27 years, relatively speaking, it is relatively stable, has been developing steadily. But the domestic channel we started to do in 17 years, so we are still deep ploughing, for our own brand in the domestic investment, we are constantly increasing. So relatively speaking, the share in the domestic market is increasing.

Ryan Link: Now we have two main ways, the first we use the exhibition to promote, the second we are in the e-commerce piece. But the exhibition as a platform for face-to-face exchanges, online and offline combination of ways to allow customers to see the actual thing, relatively speaking, more trustworthy. The effect of the exhibition will be better at present.

Harbin Dong'an Power: The competition in the domestic market is getting more and more intense, especially for our engine. In the foreign market, our auto parts are in a growing trend, so we have to keep up with the pace.

Ryan speed field: we now pay more attention to the foreign trade, the current market is clear to everyone, so we have to develop all aspects. We have been slowly moving up in the past two years, and would like to seek co-operation with major foreign trade companies or other channels of customers, mutual benefit and win-win is the best.

Q: How do you feel about participating in the 2023 Ningbo Auto Parts Fair?


Tianjin Far East Xintai: We mainly do domestic trade and want to involve in foreign trade business, so we came to Ningbo to participate in this exhibition to seek some opportunities. The effect of this exhibition feels quite good, I feel that the flow of people is very large, and there are a lot of customers coming to the exhibition to consult. At present, we have already taken a few intentional customers, hahaha!

Yuhuan Chou-Long: We feel that the flow of people in this exhibition is OK, quite good, and we will continue to participate in the next exhibition. Firstly, we will meet with many of our old customers here, and there are some new customers, after which we will have in-depth negotiation, and then there are quite a lot of foreign buyers on site.

Guangzhou Jiacheng: I think the customer base of this exhibition is OK, quite precise. On the first day of the exhibition, we have already gained some precise customers, exchanged contact information and added WeChat. The customers at the exhibition are basically traders, such as local traders and some traders from nearby areas.

Shijiazhuang Yutuo: The effect of the two days of exhibitors down to feel okay, the last exhibition our exhibition effect is particularly good, so this exhibition we also came over. This two-day traffic is also okay, there are a lot of foreigners to inquiry, plus WeChat, we plan to continue to participate in the next exhibition.

Sichuan Jiuya: We generally rarely come out to carry out the meeting, I heard that the exhibition in Ningbo this side of the traffic is very large, so I came to participate in the harvest is quite good, foreigners are also quite a lot, we will continue to participate in the next exhibition, and try to special installation.

Changzhou An Yu: I have participated in many exhibitions, your organisers should be commended for giving customers these supporting services are very much in place.

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