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CAPAFAIR 2024 Ningbo International Auto Parts Exhibition: Buyer Invitations Are in Full Swing!

As spring transitions into summer and temperatures rise, the auto parts industry, a crucial component of the automotive supply chain, is also beginning to show strong growth momentum. In recent months, numerous auto parts exhibitions, both domestic and international, have been held, providing a platform for auto parts companies to showcase their strengths and product technologies. These events have also facilitated industry exchanges and cooperation, injecting new vitality into the overall prosperity and development of the industry.

Taking this opportunity, the CAPAFAIR team has been actively promoting the Ningbo Auto Parts Exhibition since the planning stages. They have attended relevant exhibitions in Yiwu, Jinan, Shenyang, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai to invite buyers. The response has been enthusiastic, with many buyers expressing great anticipation for CAPAFAIR 2024. They look forward to engaging in in-depth discussions on industry development trends and market opportunities with customers and partners from around the world at the event!

The First Stop

The 95th National Auto Parts Trade Fair (Jinan)

The 95th National Auto Parts Trade Fair was held in Jinan, showcasing the top enterprises, cutting-edge technologies, and strongest brands in China’s auto parts industry. The exhibition covered a wide range of fields with high levels of specialization, reaching industry-leading standards. Nearly a hundred enterprises from Shandong participated in the exhibition, and many renowned domestic and international companies made prominent appearances at the event.

The Second Stop

APCEX 2024 National Auto Parts Trade Fair (Shenyang)

The 2024 National Auto Parts Trade Fair was held in Shenyang, covering an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. The event attracted over 1,300 auto parts manufacturing enterprises and nearly 15,000 buyers from across the country. It provided attendees with insights into the latest industry trends and facilitated exchanges within the national auto parts industry.

The Third Stop

CAPAS 2024 Chengdu International Auto Parts Exhibition

This year's CAPAS attracted numerous well-known domestic and international brands, actively expanding the automotive service and consumer market in Southwest China. The event set new records in both the number of exhibitors and attendees. It showcased cutting-edge products and technologies in areas such as green low-carbon solutions, new energy, and intelligent connectivity. Additionally, it provided strong support for talent development and international cooperation in the automotive industry, injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of the Southwest market.

The Fourth Stop

2024 CAMF Hangzhou International Auto Parts & Motorcycle Exhibition

This year's exhibition attracted over 16,000 professional attendees, including buyers from 60 cities across 15 provinces and more than 258 international buyers from over 10 countries and regions. Additionally, numerous trade companies specializing in foreign trade participated in the event.

The Fifth Stop

2024 Shanghai International Lubricants and Application Technology Exhibition

Nearly 200 upstream and downstream enterprises from the global lubricants industry gathered at this exhibition to showcase their latest products and technologies and to exchange insights on industry trends. The number of attendees reached a new high, and the exhibition area was bustling with activity. Numerous concurrent events were held, attracting a large number of professional visitors and domestic and international buyers.

The Sixth Stop

Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu International Trade City is a modern wholesale market built to meet the needs of international market development. Designed as a large international commercial center, it integrates high technology, informatization, human-centered design, and the commercial characteristics of specialized markets. It is a fully functional, vibrant, international commercial hub that combines shopping and tourism. The automotive supplies and parts sector is located in District 5 of Yiwu International Trade City, which houses a total of 75,000 shops.

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