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Building a New Energy Vehicle City - What Gives China Ningbo Confidence?
By 2025, the new energy vehicle production in Ningbo, China will exceed 700,000 units, accounting for over 50% of the city's total automobile production. The industry's scale will exceed 200 billion yuan, and more than 10 new energy vehicle brands will be cultivated and formed. The goal is to basically build a new energy vehicle city with global competitiveness and national influence.
Ningbo's ambitions to build a new energy vehicle city are highly anticipated, as demonstrated during the mobilization and deployment meeting held on May 25th.Here are some pics, including Zhenyu Technology has partnered with top power lithium battery manufacturers such as CATL;Snow Dragon Group is gradually transforming towards the new energy sector;Located in Qianwan New District. The first "Future Factory" in the province.
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